Early absentee voting begins Monday

Voters in La Crosse can go to City Hall

If you’re confident in whom you’re voting for in person absentee voting starts on Monday.

Voters in the city of La Crosse can go to city hall on weekdays from 8:30 until five and cast an early ballot. It’s also the only place for residents to register or update their address prior to Election Day.

People voting early fill out an absentee ballot, which will be placed in an envelope, secured, and delivered to the polling place on Election Day.

“Typically the first week is lighter than the 2nd week. I would say from start to finish for someone who’s already registered: 15 minutes,” said La Crosse City Clerk Teri Lehrke.

In both Wisconsin and Minnesota voters don’t need a reason to vote early. And, as a reminder, Wisconsin residents are not required to show a photo ID to vote at this time.