Drug Drop-Off starts in La Crosse

La Crosse County Prevention Network is giving people a chance to clean out your medicine cabinets.

The Prevention Network set up drop-off sites for people to get rid of their unused medication. The goal of the drop-off program is to make sure unused medications are disposed of properly. Many times left over medications end up in places that can be harmful to others and the environment. 

“People flush their medication down the toilet that actually ends up, it goes directly through to the river. It does not get treated by the waste water treatment plant. and it does have affect on the aquatic life.  I think more importantly though, a lot of these medications are dangerous and can also be abused and people are stealing them from people’s homes, kids are getting into them,” said Randy Nedrelo, a Special Waste Manager from La Crosse County.

Crews collected more than two 55-gallon drums of unused medications. The network will send the medication to different agencies around the state for disposal.