Drive-up tents; but not for COVID-19 testing

You may have seen white tents pop up outside of hospitals, and it’s easy to assume the tents are for COVID-19 testing. But at Gundersen Health System, the tents service a lot more than just virus testing.

Some Gundersen patients are headed out to get a blood test, but not within the walls of the hospital.

Dirk Gasterland and George Kleinhaus were driven to their appointments by their wives.. but they never even got out of the car.

“I don’t think really anyone wants to go into the hospital or clinic environment if they don’t have to,” said Judy Kleinhaus, wife of George.

Aside from it’s simplicity, employees say it’s equally as sanitary.

“We make sure we follow the same protocols as we do inside. For the most part the weather, and the air is not gonna affect much,” said Cheryl Peters, Manager of Outpatient Laboratory, GHS.

The tents have been a dream among the hospital staff.

“When I started here at Gundersen, I told my coworker that one day we can have a drive thru, and now this is it! This is happening!” said Kitty Levendoski, a phlebotomist at GHS.

Dirk and George’s attitudes toward this process are heard… “Good Job,” said Dirk….as health leaders try to make their experience a safe one.

You can expect these tents to stay for a while, Peters says the use of drive-up tents could continue long into the future.