Dozens gather in La Crosse to honor victims of mass shooting in Orlando

7 Rivers LGBTQ hold vandlelight vigil Sunday

Dozens gathered for a moment of silence in La Crosse to honor the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando Sunday.

7 Rivers LGBTQ Connection held a candlelight vigil Sunday night.

The president of the LGBTQ board said the vigil offers a safe and open place for members of our community to talk about the tragic event that unfolded today.

“I would hope that this would bring light to the fact that we have a center here for support for the LGBTQ community if you don’t know that already and also for allies and their role in the community to support,” said Niki Pohnl, president of the LGBTQ board.

One of the individuals attending the vigil used to live in Orlando and has visited the nightclub many times before. He said waking up to the tragic news hit really close to home.

“We went to the night club. We went to pulse many many times and to just see that on the news and know that could have so easily been us or people that we know- we are still waiting on final word on a couple of people we are not sure if they were involved or not,” said Thommy Sandvick.