Doyle proposes making school shooting threats a felony

Rep. Steve Doyle says laws should be updated to reflect changing times

A local state lawmaker is hoping to make our schools safer with his latest proposal.

Representative Steve Doyle (D-Onalaska) is trying to drum up support in Madison for his plan to stiffen the penalty for making a gun threat at a school.

Right now, threatening a school shooting only results in a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, while making a bomb threat is considered a felony. Doyle wants to make those penalties the same, elevating a shooting threat to a felony.

He says it’s simply time to update an outdated law.

“When the law was first written regarding bomb scares, there weren’t such a thing as people with guns coming to school,” said Rep. Doyle. “It was the bomb threats, always. And times have changed, and so this law would reflect the change in the times.”

Doyle says there was a public hearing on the proposal earlier this week in Madison, which saw strong bipartisan support.