Doyle elected to third term in 94th State Assembly district

Onalaska Democrat defeats Republican Tracie Happel

State Representative Steve Doyle was elected to a third term Tuesday night.

The Onalaska Democrat, who represents the 94th Assembly district, defeated challenger Tracie Happel by a 54-46 margin. The race was close for much of the night.

Happel ran a campaign of conservative values, such as maintaining the minimum wage level and expanding school voucher programs in the state.

She says even though she lost, she feels good about how she ran her campaign.

“We ran the campaign for five months, I worked full-time for most of that time and it wasn’t that bad of a loss, so it was a good race,” Happel told News 8.

Doyle says the win was both gratifying and humbling. He’s also glad the voters seemed to appreciate his bi-partisan message.

“There are a lot of challenges going forward, and all I can say is what I have said all along. Neither side has a monopoly on the good answers or the bad answers,” Doyle told News 8 on Election Night. “We need to work together to find the best answers.”

Representative Doyle says school funding is one of the issues he hopes to work on when his new term begins.

“We’ve got a public school system that I think is an excellent school system, but if you start taking that money away from it, we’re going to slip down,” said Doyle. “We owe a good education to our children and I think it’s a mistake to start to mess around with public education.”

Doyle says the state budget will be the “elephant in the room” when the Assembly re-convenes.

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