DOT seeks input on city transportation plans from local business owners

The plans look at ways to improve traffic flow moving North and South

After months of research the Wisconsin DOT is asking for input on ways to make traffic move smoothly through the area.

The DOT has been looking at ways to improve the flow of traffic moving north and south.

They presented a list of options to La Crosse area businesses this morning.

The DOT wanted the input of local business owners due to the impact traffic can have on the area’s economy.

“We need our city to be vital, we need to keep those businesses here, and obviously transportation plays a part in that,” says Executive Director of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce Vicki Markussen.

“Without that ease of getting from point A to point B, we would lose a lot of our walk-in business, our drive-by business,” adds Dan Wettstein, owner of Wettstein’s downtown.

A public hearing on the proposals is being held Tuesday night from 5-7 PM at Onalaska High School.