Donations help La Crosse students learn about solar power

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Thanks to donations made Tuesday, La Crosse School District students will learn more about solar power.

The district, along with ‘Solar on La Crosse Schools,’ celebrated the Winter Solstice by showing off two solar ovens.

Teachers will use the ovens to demonstrate the power of the sun.

“[It] really takes the students on a journey of learning about renewable energy so that when they are the leaders in our community, they are prepared to participate as leaders in a clean economy as adults and decision makers,” said the Director of Solar on La Crosse Schools Heather Talbot.

‘Solar on La Crosse Schools’ is raising money to put solar panels on the top of Coulee Montessori school.

Their goal is to install those panels this coming spring.

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