Donation helps to revitalize Tomah school playground

Miller Elementary School recieves $20,000 to help replace outdated equipment

Changes are coming to an elementary school in Tomah.

The goal is to give area children a safer place to play.

Miller Elementary in Tomah was presented with a $20,000 donation to help update its playground. The donation from Unimin Corporation out of Tomah will help replace some of the school’s outdated equipment.

The expansion couldn’t come soon enough. Some of the school’s equipment is more than 20 years old.

“Some of this equipment has been here quite a while and some of it really needed some updating. There’s a piece of playground equipment that we have that is wood base still, and while it works and it’s functional, it was an opportunity to upgrade that and make it like some of the other nicer pieces that we that,” said Miller Elementary School Principal Tom Whitford.

This project is something that has been years in the making as Miller Elementary’s P.T.O. has been saving little by little to update the playground for almost two years. With Thursday’s donation the group will have raised about $43,000.

Parents say the new playground will give people an inside look at how special their school really is.

“Our school is so amazing, inside our building, great teachers, tremendous staff, our principal is wonderful, great families. Unfortunately the outside doesn’t always reflect the magic that happens inside our school, so it’s just a process that we’ve been talking about for a while to make this the place our children really deserve,” said Tomah P.T.O. Co-Chairperson Michelle Granahan.

The project is truly a community effort. The playground’s first donation came from second grade student Lily Joyce. Lily held her own garage sale to help support the project and raised $67 by selling some of her own toys along with other items.

If you would like to donate to the playground you can contact the Tomah School District.