Donald Trump goes one-on-one with News 8

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump visited La Crosse on Tuesday afternoon for a private fundraising event.

Before the event, News 8 caught up with Trump for a one-on-one interview.

News 8’s Brittany Schmidt: “Let’s start with the big story in Wisconsin right now, with the fatal officer-involved shooting this weekend. A lot of unrest, a lot of violence but protesters are saying it’s not just about another police shooting, it’s about bigger, underlying issues like socioeconomic inequality and lack of education. As president, how do you fix these things?”

Donald Trump: “Well, first of all, it’s about a lot of things, including jobs and others, but you have to have law and order. I have been watching it. It’s a mess. There is no question about it. You need law and order. If you don’t have law and order, you don’t have a country.”

Schmidt: “They (Milwaukee law enforcement officials) have the National Guard on standby and the sheriff’s department said they are prepared if anything happens, but how do you go about the economic development there?”

Trump: “You are going to have to bring in people who have incentive and really want to develop it, but if you turn on the television and see what is happening, you don’t want to go and develop there. I mean, they hurt themselves in a certain way and maybe they care about that and maybe they don’t care about that, but without law and order you have a problem and we need strong, swift and very fair law and order.”

Schmidt: “Jumping over to another big topic here, the Veteran’s Affairs system. In Tomah, we have seen issues there, but they have made improvements. Have you seen improvements or what else can be done to help the veterans that have done so much for our country?”

Trump: “The veterans have been treated horribly. The veterans have been left out. The VA has been a total disaster no matter where you look. We are going to treat the veterans great and that is all there is to it. You have to take care of the veteran;s if you don’t, who are you going to take care of? These are our great people. These people made it possible for us, so we have to do that.”

Schmidt: “How do you go about doing that?”

Trump: “You have to go and get the best people. You don’t have the best people. We have horrible managers and we are not treating them (veterans) right. People are waiting in line for two days, two weeks and dying and under my policy if you have those waits you go get a private doctor across the street and get immediately taken care of and we pay for it.”

Schmidt: “Your supporters say they love the way you talk, you say it how you want to say it and that has been working for you. But in Wisconsin, the polls are not showing that. You are behind Hillary Clinton in the latest polls. Do you have to change up your tactics to appeal to the general election crowd?

Trump: “Possibly I do, but I am who I am. It’s me, I don’t want to change. Everyone talks about, ‘Oh are you going to pivot?’ I don’t want to pivot. You have to be you. If you start pivoting you are not being honest with people. I am who I am. I have gotten here in a landslide and we will see what happens. Don’t forget, when I lost Wisconsin, it was over for Trump. Except for one problem, I then went on a very good run so no, I am who I am.”

Schmidt: “Why is Wisconsin important to you?”

Trump: “I just think it’s a great state. I think they are great people. I have many friends in Wisconsin and they are the ones who asked me to come here and I think we will do well here. It’s been a long time since anybody won Wisconsin. I believe it was Ronald Reagan, that’s a long time in terms of a Republican. I understand what I am up against but I thought I would make the trip for friends and we will see what happens.”

Schmidt: “What do you want Wisconsinites to remember about you when they head to the polls in November?

Trump: “I am going to do a great job on immigration. I am going to do a great job on trade. We have such horrible trade deals and I will do a fantastic job on trade and we will turn things around. I am going to protect our Second Amendment. I am going to put in great judges. I don’t understand when you have conservatives willing to vote for Hillary Clinton, they are not thinking about judges because she is going to put in ultra-left judges. But you know if that’s the way they want it, that’s okay. I understand Wisconsin and I know it’s a very tough state. Again, you have to look back at the history, the last winner was Ronald Reagan and that was a long time ago. But I have a lot of friendships here and I am here for that reason.”

Schmidt: “Speaking of immigration, Wisconsin is big on farming, specifically immigrant farming. Some farmers are afraid of deporting immigrants or policies like that, is that going to hurt our industry here?”

Trump: ‘No, we are very good to business. In fact I am cutting taxes for businesses massively. I am cutting taxes for the middle class massively; we are getting rid of regulations that are unnecessary. They will be very happy.”