Doctors share advice on how to prepare your child for the COVID-19 vaccine

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Mayo Clinic Health System is backing the CDC Advisory committee and recommends children 5-11 be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Parents and legal guardians of children 5-11 can now schedule COVID-19 vaccinations across Mayo Clinic sites.

Mayo Clinic doctors shared some advice on how to prepare your child for the shot.

They say to tell your child about the appointment a few days beforehand and talk them through each step.

“Most of all we want to be transparent and honest with kids. It’s important we don’t hide the appointment or the plan from them because it will cause unnecessary anxiety from the unknown,” said Mayo Clinic Health Child Life Specialist, Jessica Wadium.

Wadium says parents and guardians could use gentle wording when speaking to their children about getting vaccinated.

An accurate, yet calmer way to say “shot” is to use the word “poke.”

She says wording can be a powerful way to decrease fear and anxiety.