DNR warden helps pull fisherman from water near Stoddard

An ice fisherman is OK after falling through the ice.      

It happened just past 11:00 Monday morning near Stoddard on the Mississippi River.

A DNR officer was there at the time and saw it happen.

He quickly grabbed a spud bar from his truck and was able to pull the man from water.

The officer says the incident is a good reminder to anglers when out on the ice.

“The ice is deteriorating fast, especially with some warm weather earlier this week. Now, there’s no snow cover on the ice so these sunny days, even though it may be below freezing, the ice is deteriorating fast,” said Warden Dale Hochhousen.

DNR officers say there are ways to keep yourself safe while fishing, like checking the thickness of the ice. Also, they suggest either bringing along a friend or letting someone know where you’re going to fish and when you’re planning to be back.

And just in case you do fall through the ice, you also should bring along an ice pick or rope to help get you out of the water.