DNR launches new campaign to address PFAS and other drinking water contaminants

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT)- The Department of Natural Resources is launching a new campaign about the importance of keeping Wisconsin’s drinking water clean.

August is national water quality month. The DNR is working to keep water safe now and in the future with its “Safe Water For All” campaign.

More than 1,000 La Crosse County families are drinking bottled water, provided by the DNN, because of wide-spread PFAS contamination around the La Crosse Regional Airport. State officials say they are working to address that contamination as well as nitrates and lead. “Our responsibility is to work with industry to make sure that people are accountable. And; our responsibility is to work with industry, cities, towns and villages, so they too can live their dreams out with clean water”, says DNR Secretary Preston Cole.

The Wisconsin Assembly has passed a bill that would create a new $10 million grant program to help communities clean up PFAS contamination, but would ban them from suing those responsible for the pollution.