Diversity Council works to make La Crosse more inclusive

Council hoping to move La Crosse, other areas toward more accepting communities

In light of what’s happened over the past several days, La Crosse’s Diversity Council is trying to spread a message of inclusion.

The Diversity Council says that those with privilege need to learn to listen to those without, to reach out to them, and to become a part of fixing the problem.

The shooting of the 12 police officers in Dallas last night is something our area wants to avoid.

By working with businesses and employers, the council is hoping to move La Crosse and other areas toward becoming more accepting communities. Immediately though, the Council says we need to show support for those more heavily impacted by these recent events.

“I think we need to grieve with those that are grieving right now, that have lost family and friends, have lost so much in all communities,” said Greater La Crosse Area Diversity Council President Ann Wales.

Steps are being taken to create a more accepting community in La Crosse. The La Crosse Human Rights Commission has been conducting listening sessions for months.