District hosts operating referendum informational meeting

The city of La Crosse will soon vote on whether or not to provide more than $4 million to maintain educational programs, facilities and replacing technology.

On Saturday, members of the community met to discuss the referendum and how it would affect the community over the next five years.

While the proposal may seem expensive, officials wanted to remind the community that taxes will not go up and this is the same funding the school has had over the past five years.

“It would allow us to continue to move forward in the way that we have and to keep a commitment to class sizes to 18 or lower at grades K through three, allow us to keep moving on the technology that we have and keep building the infrastructure necessary for students, and also allows to keep prioritizing strong maintenance and safety and security projects,” said superintendent of schools Randy Nelson.

The superintendent also said that the money would go to resolve school security concerns and provide much-needed building maintenance funding.

The referendum will be held on April 3.