District 11 candidates discuss issues

The three candidates running for La Crosse’s District 11 city council seat, including the incumbent, met in a forum at Viterbo on Thursday night.

City Council President Audrey Kader was recalled last month by a group called the Restore La Crosse Committee.  The group cited her involvement in attempting to take away public input by doing away with the monthly Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Challenging Kader for her seat is Jerome Gundersen, a remodeling contractor, and Gage Maurer, a Viterbo student. Maurer has been backed by the group recalling Kader.

At the forum, the candidates met for a controlled discussion on the issues.

“I’m not going to have the political ties of my opponents or the special interests of other members of city government that I have to listen to,” says Maurer, “I am me, I am the people of this district.”

 “Improving the parking situation, the cleanliness and safety in the ramps, improving the transit system, and of course economic development, because that’s what keeps the taxes down,” says Kader.


“We shouldn’t have career, long-term people in elected position because then they gravitate towards the government side of things instead of the needs of people,” says Gundersen, “I really believe that the needs of the people can be addressed by changing our leadership.”

The primary election will be January 29.  The general election is scheduled for the end of February.