Display in front of La Crosse County Courthouse raising awareness for Marsy’s Law

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — You may notice a display of red silhouettes in front of the La Crosse County Courthouse.

It’s a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence and victims’ rights.

Each red silhouette has a sign and a right given to victims from Marsy’s Law.

Outreach Director for Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin Nela Kalpic says it’s important to let victims know they’re not alone.

“Knowing that there is someone in your corner is very meaningful to victims, so the more we can talk about victims’ rights, the kind of rights that victims have in this state, the better,” said Kalpic.

Each display also features QR codes.

You can scan the code to learn more about Marsy’s Law and the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Crime Victim Services.

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