Disagreement over ‘dirty dancing’ at Inaugural Ball ends in arrest

MPD: 45-year-old reportedly head-butts man during confrontation

An incident between three people attending the 2015 Governor’s Inaugural Ball Monday night ended in an injury and an arrest, according to a release from the Madison Police Department.

Police said a 45-year-old Madison man was arrested after a disturbance at Monona Terrace around 10:25 p.m. after he allegedly touched a woman inappropriately.

An Onalaska woman said Robert J. Westman tried to kiss her multiple times during the celebration, and she told him repeatedly that she is married and to leave her alone, according to the release.

The woman eventually told another man she knows about the situation and he intervened, police said. That’s when Westman reportedly head-butted the man in the face.

When police arrived, the man was bleeding and was helped by paramedics, according to the release.

Westman insisted to police that the contact he had with the woman was consensual, and they were “having fun and dirty dancing,” officials said. Witnesses told police that was not the case.

Westman faces tentative charges of battery and fourth-degree sexual assault.