DHS: 254 new COVID-19 cases in La Crosse County

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported Friday La Crosse County had 254 additional positive cases of COVID-19 among its residents, setting a new one-day total record for the county.

The number is nearly twice the previous record for a one-day total, which was 129 on Sunday, according to DHS.

The majority of the cases were again among those aged 10-29, with 103 aged 10-19 and 118 aged 20-29. Six cases were in those in their 30s, 11 were in their 40s, four were in their 50s, four were in their 60s and three were in their 70s. Two were in their 80s and two were in their 90s.

DHS did not report any additional hospitalizations or deaths.

There were only 11 negative tests reported Friday.