Despite mild weather, La Crosse Police continue enforcing alternate side parking

Wednesday’s snow is a good reminder that alternate side parking is still in effect for another month.

The La Crosse Police Department says even though we’ve had a pretty mild winter and temperatures could be in the upper 50’s again this weekend, they’ll still be writing tickets for alternate side parking violations until April 1st.

They say they know it’s not popular, especially when the weather is nice, but they still have to enforce the ordinance.

“That time frame is put in place by the city council, and the police department just enforces that. So if they decide to change anything, of course we would stop enforcing the alternate side parking, but until they change that we will still enforce it,” said Officer Brooke Pataska.

A first-time offense for parking on the wrong side of the street overnight will get you a $10 ticket. That goes up to $20 after 10 days, and $40 after 45 days.

The police department did not have a total for the number of tickets they’ve already written this season.