Denise Rohan endorsed for office of National American Legion Commander

Rohan would be the first woman to be elected.

Former Wisconsin American Legion Commander Denise Rohan has been endorsed for the office of National American Legion Commander.

She would be the first woman to be elected.        

Although the endorsement comes this year she is not expected to make it to the national office until 2017 at the earliest.

On Saturday at the American Legion Post 52, Rohan said she is grateful for the endorsement. She also talked about the recent allegations towards the Tomah VA.

“They generally care about our veterans so to say no I wouldn’t send them there; I wouldn’t say that because they will get taken care of.  It’s just there are a lot of things that are kind of messed up right now and they need to get fixed and that’s what we’re hoping for.  For the veteran’s sake, we’re hoping that all of those issues get taken care of,” said Rohan.

Rohan was also the first woman veteran to be elected Wisconsin American Legion commander.