Democratic Party of Wisconsin visits La Crosse

Local residents are debriefed on 2018 elections

Throughout the year, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin traveled around the state hosting listening sessions about what things worked in the 2018 election and what didn’t.

On Monday, April 29th, the organization came to La Crosse to debrief the results of their findings, and what the strategy is for Democrats moving forward.

Democratic Party Chair of Wisconsin, Martha Laning, says an important part of the solution is letting the public know they are a valued part of the team, explaining “What we’re doing is working on really effective ways to get out our message that are inexpensive, but also building our investor database to be sure that we are offering support to all candidates.”

The next step for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are to continue to visit areas around the state and continue to push for support on Governor Tony Evers budget plan.

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