Democratic debate ends with talk of hope for ’20

Democratic debate 1/14/20

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)- Six Democratic presidential candidates wrapped up their final debate Tuesday night before primary voting begins with talk of hope, defeating President Donald Trump and bringing a divided nation back together.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that “character is on the ballot” in the 2020 election and that eight years of Trump in office would be “an absolute disaster.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders said “this is the moment when we have got to think big, not small,” and have courage to take on the “1%,” while Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she has hope in America’s future despite its challenges and looks forward to becoming the first female president.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she’ll be a president who finds “common ground instead of scorched earth” to get things done, while former Mayor Pete Buttigieg says Democrats will get one shot to win big and “send Trumpism into the dustbin of history.”

Businessman Tom Steyer says he thinks of the American people as his teammates, and pledged he won’t permit “someone to run down the field and kick my teammate in the face.”