Deer ticks becoming more active in La Crosse

While many of you are enjoying getting outside in the warmer weather, there is a down side.

Now is the time of year that dangerous deer ticks appear. An attached deer tick can spread disease within 48 hours, including lyme disease.

Health officials say it’s important to know what kind of tick you’re looking at and to remove it as soon as possible.

“That’s the female that you’ll see that larger circle with the reddish brown color on the body. And then those really small little nymphs: sometimes you’ll see that little circle behind the head, sometimes not,” said Jen Rombalski, director of the La Crosse County Health Department.

Health officials recommend storing ticks you remove in a plastic bag for easier identification and then labeling that bag with the date it was found.

Deer ticks are active in our area as late as November.