‘Decoding the Driftless’ to air on WKBT

Emmy award winning film highlights Driftless Area

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – You have the chance to enjoy an Emmy award winning film showcasing the area that we call home.

Decoding the Driftless will air this Sunday on WKBT.

The film explores the bluffs and rivers in our area along with the wildlife that calls the area home.

Even if you aren’t new to the area there are still things to learn about the place where we live.

“All the cool things here that people that live here love and visitors come here to see, that drive tourism. But there’s a lot of things in this film too that people that live here for decades have no idea existed here,” said Sustainable Driftless co-producer George Howe.

You can catch ‘Decoding the Driftless’ at noon Sunday on WKBT.

And it will air again on Labor Day morning at 6 in the morning.