December’s Top Notch Teacher: Sara Jarvis

Lawrence-Lawson Elementary teacher Sara Jarvis believes that any kid can be exactly what they want to be, and great teachers can help them achieve that. Her passion for education started in her third grade classroom with her teacher Mrs. Jones.

“I decided right then and there that I wanted to work with kids like she did. She made me feel special every single day I walked in her room,” Jarvis said.

Now in her 18th year of teaching, she still starts every day with a smile.

“That’s what I want them to see. I want them to know that I’m happy they’re here,” Jarvis said.

She wants her kindergarten and first grade students to develop a life long passion of learning.

“I want them to go home at the end every day thinking, ‘I wish the school day never ends,'” Jarvis said.

She knows that these kids are at a time in their lives where they’re so inquisitive about the world around them. While others may see these students as sometimes getting off topic, she uses it as a teachable moment.

“You just have to stop and grab those moments and learn from them,” Jarvis said.

She had one student that loved everything about Hot Wheels. Instead of just teaching the curriculum, she wanted to build on the basics by incorporating topics like Hot Wheels that will connect with her students.

“We added cars together, and we wrote letters on the cars, and practice driving them around in alphabetical order,” Jarvis said.

She hopes that by doing so she can start a spark of wonder and excitement of learning in her students like her teacher did.

“That kid might design a vehicle one day,” Jarvis said. “That kid might be a car salesman one day.”

The kids have a while to decide what they want to do, but some like Jaxon are already dreaming of being police officers.

“Because I like to drive in a police car,” Jaxon said.

And others like Olivia are being inspired to be a teacher.

Jarvis says that she has run into her former teacher Mrs. Jones over the years, and she has been able to thank her for helping find her passion. She also credits her parents for encouraging her and her brothers to do well in school.