December one of the most dangerous months for driving, experts say

(WKBT) – Driving during the winter months can be risky for a number of factors.

Experts say in December, alcohol is a factor in about 38 percent of crashes nationwide.

Also, it’s harder to see when driving because the days are shorter.

People are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel when it is dark outside.

Experts also say speeding has become more of a recent problem due to the pandemic.

Combine that with bad weather, the roads can become especially dangerous if you don’t drive cautiously.

“Just because the speed limit is 60 is 65 doesn’t mean you have to go that speed,” National Roads Safety Foundation director of public relations David Reich said. “If the conditions don’t warrant it, then slow down. Just slow down. Be smart about it.”

In December of last year, more than 3,100 people died in car crashes, up eight percent from December 2019.