Dealing with mental and emotional stress during the pandemic

ROCHESTER, Minn (WKBT) – After a hectic 2020, many people were hoping for a calmer year, but so far civil unrest and domestic terrorism are making that difficult.

However, you feel about it, these stressors affect everyone emotionally.

Local doctors want you to know these emotions and feelings are normal, especially during these challenging times.

Maintaining your mental health is just as important as your physical help.

“It’s just constantly raining… this stress on us, and that is just burning us out. Under stress we have our adrenal glands, and they excrete the adrenaline and we get up and we rise to the occasion and we fight the battle. But, after a while we can’t keep doing that, you can’t maintain it, you become physically and emotionally exhausted,” said Dr. Robert Bright, a Psychiatrist with Mayo Clinic.

Getting enough sleep, eating better, and exercise will not only help you physically but will also benefit you mentally.