De Soto football team unable to play home games in 2017

Football under the Friday Night Lights is still a few months away, but one area high school is already saying they won’t be able to play home games this fall.

De Soto High School is still trying to repair damage done to its football field by flooding last September, when five to six inches of rain left much of the field underwater.

The team’s coach says the current plan is to move ground from their current practice area to elevate the football field and create a spillway, but they have yet to get full approval for the project.

In the meantime, the team will play two games as the home team at La Crosse Logan’s Swanson Field and two more at Viroqua during the upcoming season.

The location for another game is still being determined.

De Soto’s junior varsity team will play most of their home games at Viroqua, while middle school football games will be played in Lansing, Iowa.