Dave’s Guitar Shop looking to expand by nearly 50-percent

Business to add about 14,000 square feet

A local store known nationally is planning a big expansion.

Dave’s Guitar Shop in La Crosse is looking to make a 14,000 square foot expansion.

The shop sells and ships guitars across the country, to everyone from garage bands to big name musicians.

One of the houses near the third street location is being torn down within a week, making room for the expansion. But the owner still is not sure what the space is going to be used for.

“Best laid plans, we’re still talking every day about how to lay things out or whatever, cause we’re not exactly sure, you know, how it is going to all lay out, what we’re going to lease, what we’re going to need ourselves,” said Dave’s Guitar Shop Owner Dave Rogers.

The foundation will start being laid immediately after the house is removed, and construction is planned to finish up by the new year.

The expansion is expected to cost more than a million dollars.