survey shows most singles prefer “dad bod” body types

(WKBT) – If you’re single out there and felt that your only chance to score a date was by having some hard abs, think again.

According to a survey, nearly 75 percent of singles preferred their partner having a “dad bod” body type rather than a six-pack. About 2,000 singles received an email and one of the questions was what their preferred body type was.

“Dad bods” are typically softer compared to those with hard bodies, but are not completely out of shape or overweight bodies either. experts say this new trend likely has to do with people changing their habits because of the pandemic. Many gyms closed and people stayed inside more, and as a result had led to more folks gaining some weight.

They say this is a positive trend because people of all types can feel comfortable having dad bods, and therefore not worrying as much how their body type looks.