Darkside of Facebook 5/16/11

Reported by Martha Koloski |






Sixteen-year-old Amy Stiefel says she felt terrible after receiving mean posts on her Facebook page. Amy Stiefel, “I
just felt attacked by basically just a whole bunch of people for everyone to see.” Devastated by the cyberbullying, Amy
joined Love Our Children USA, a group that promotes Internet safety. Many kids are at risk online, according to a
survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center of more than two thousand online households. “We project that more
than five million kids age 10 and under had Facebook accounts last year, even though 13 is the minimum age that
Facebook allows. And we found most of their parents did nothing to monitor their Facebook activities.” If you have a
preteen using Facebook, be aware parents can delete the account by going to Facebook’s “privacy policy” page and
clicking on a link to fill out the “report an underage child” form. Rosalind Tordesillas, “In order to protect your
child – whatever their age – it’s important to supervise their Facebook use. Become their friend and check their
profiles regularly. You can also connect their Facebook account to your e-mail so you see incoming messages.” Facebook
users of all ages should use privacy settings. But one in five active members had not used these settings, according to
Consumer Reports’ survey. To set them, go into your account’s “privacy settings” and indicate “Friends Only.” It’s also
important to use the privacy settings on the Apps and Websites linked to your account. Rosalind Tordesillas, “If you
connect your Facebook account to another site, you’re allowing that site to collect a lot of your personal information
unless you block its access.”