Dan Wettstein awarded Lifetime Achievement Award from la Crosse Tavern League

A downtown La Crosse businessman’s charitable work is being recognized before his business closes its doors for good.

Dan Wettstein received the Lifetime Achievement Award Tuesday, along with a key to the city.

The awards, given through the La Crosse Tavern League, recognize Wettstein’s donations and work in our community. The League says Wettstein was involved in many La Crosse fundraisers and donation drives, and hopes his work encourages others to do what they can to help others.

Wettstein says the honor was a complete surprise.

“I truly came here to thank them for the business relationships, for the friendships, for all that they do for the community, individually as business owners, and as a whole as the Tavern League,” said Wettstein.

Wettstein has been a part of the La Crosse Tavern League for 12 years.