Cyclists making their way to Alaska donate to Gundersen

Texas 4000 group cycles from Texas to Alaska, donating to fight cancer

Many of us know someone who has battled cancer, and one group heading through La Crosse is trying to make that fight a little easier for those who are yet to face it.

A group called Texas 4,000 donated $11,000 to Gundersen Health System to help people in their fight against cancer. The Texas-based nonprofit is dedicated to engaging communities in the fight against cancer by cycling from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.

With Thursday’s donation to Gundersen Health System, riders say their journey is all about the stories they collect.

“It’s the most touching thing to meet someone and tell them about this cause of us fighting cancer, biking every day, and them just using that as an opportunity to share their stories with us, and that’s sort of like a healing process, both for the people that we meet and for ourselves,” said Texas 4000 Rider Brook Chambers.

While seeing the impact of their donations on the faces of those affected, there are many more the Texas 4,000 group won’t be able to meet.

“They will help our patients here in La Crosse and they will never meet them, which is really a remarkable commitment, and again I think that really speaks to that mission of developing a culture of leadership and a culture of commitment,” said Gundersen Medical Foundation Chair Doctor Sigurd Gundersen.

The Texas 4,000 riders move on to Rochester, Minnesota Friday.

If you’d like to donate to the group just head to their website,