Culinary students prepare for ‘In a Pinch’ competition

Culinary students at Western Technical College are taking part in a state-wide cooking competition.

The college’s culinary management program spent the morning sharpening their skills for the ‘In A Pinch’ cooking competition in Milwaukee this Monday.

The state-wide competition pits students against each other to make a meal using the special ingredients: rose wine, bacon, and bleu cheese. The meals have to be prepared within one hour.

Each team will need to finish two appetizers and two entrees within that time.

“The idea of being in a pinch is just like it sounds where you’re in a pinch and you have to put something together real quick, real fast. throw it out. It’s kind of untraditionary [sic] to what culinary really is, which is a lot of preparation, but we’re doing it all in an hour,” says Josh Dilley, a culinary management student.

The students say a lot of the challenge will be in not having the equipment they normally work with, and making a meal without any preparation or support staff.