Crowd gathers in Holmen to show support for school board

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT)- Parents and community members in Holmen are speaking out in support of their school board.

Before Monday night’s school board meeting, more than 100 people showed up with signs of encouragement for those serving on the school board. Holmen’s board members, and others around the country, have been criticized by some parents over their COVID-19 protocols– including mask mandates.

Board supporters say they appreciate everything the school board has done to keep kids safe and in school. “I understand that having to wear a mask is not always the most comfortable thing to do, I have to do it every day in my job. At the same time, like I said, these mitigation efforts have worked, ” says Barb Wuensch.

Other parents at the meeting are still hopeful the board will make masks optional. They say there are two sides to the story and they want the board to compromise.

“Being mask optional is the best compromise there is because it allows people who want to be safe in their own mind to wear a mask. They can wear a mask, and people who feel like they don’t necessarily need a mask, they should have that option not to do that, ” says Mary Hammond.

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