Crews use helicopter to set transmission poles

Crews are taking to the air to rebuild an area transmission line running through protected land in Holmen.

Dairyland Power Cooperative set transmission poles Tuesday through the Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Refuge using a helicopter. It’s part of the cooperative’s Q1D project to replace the 65 year old line. The line had been blamed for several power outages in the area.

They used two helicopters, one to carry the crews and supplies, the other to hammer the poles into the ground.

The goal is to cause as  least amount of damage to the area as possible.

“There’s about three miles that actually go through the Van loon Wildlife Refuge, so we’re trying to as minimum damage as we can, so we decided to use helicopters as much as we can,” said Brent Drenckhahn from Dairyland Power Cooperative.

The project is expected to take a couple of months to complete.