Crews spend hours freeing submerged truck from Mississippi River

Submerged truck found near 7th Street boat landing.

Crews worked for hours on Saturday to get an empty truck out of the Mississippi River.

The submerged truck was spotted right off the 7th Street boat landing.

No one was found in the vehicle.

The La Crosse Area Dive and Rescue unit was called to the scene Saturday afternoon. One diver said the vehicle has been there awhile because it was it was covered up to the windows in mud.

“It could be something someone did a few years ago while ice fishing. It might have fallen through when the ice got weak or it could have been a stolen vehicle that somebody purposefully drove in to get rid of, we don’t know,” said Shawn Mahoney, a unit leader with La Crosse Area Dive and Rescue.

The cause for the vehicle’s sinking is currently unknown.