Credit card skimmer steals $15,000 in West Salem

The West Salem Police Department is looking for more information on a possible skimming device placed on a local ATM.

Authorities posted Friday on Facebook about someone who accessed bank account information through an ATM at Altra Federal Credit Union in West Salem.

The culprit or culprits collected information and stole over $15,000 through a device called a skimmer affixed to the mouth of an ATM, police said.

The device scans credit and debit card information when an ATM user swipes a card through the machine.

Although most devices are not typically visible, authorities said ATM users should visually and physically inspect the machine before using it.

The West Salem Police Department is still investigating and looking for more information about the identity of whoever installed the device.

Anyone with any information should contact the West Salem Police Department at 608-786-0407 or