Creating artwork on La Crosse fences

La Crosse Youth Shoot for the Stars hold fence art installation

Fences aren’t normally appealing to the eye, but with a little creativity it can be a sight to see.

The La Crosse Youth ‘Shoot for the Stars’ group held their fence art installation on Saturday.

Using small cubes that fit into the fences, the kids were able to create their own artwork and display it for the community to see.

As soon as the creative process started, participants could instantly see the community growing closer together.

“As soon as we started putting them up here the kids came out of the house and they’re like ‘Can we help?’ and I was like ‘Of course you can help!’ and then they came up and they started helping put up designs, they put up the pink ribbons down there. They thought it was great, and I talked to the people that live there and they thought it was great,” said David Dobbs of the AmeriCorps Vista.

If you would like to see the fence art installations yourself they are along Saint Cloud Street and Lang Drive, around the Schuh homes.