Crawford County Communications Center gets $17,862.58 to improve 9-1-1 technology

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MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) — The Crawford County Communications Center received a total of $17,862.58 in a grant program to improve 9-1-1 technology across Wisconsin.
The total includes a $10,717.43 in federal money, according to the Wisconsin Office of Emergency Communications. It is one of 18 projects statewide that received a total of $487,876.65 in the second round of federal funding for 9-1-1 networks, the OEC said in a news release.
The money is to be used to upgrade and/or replace end-of -life equipment in what the government refers to as local “public safety answering points,” commonly known as 9-1-1.
They are intended to advance 9-1-1 networks from their original analog systems to digital or internet protocol-based 911 system, referred to as Next Generation 911 NextGen9-1-1 capable.
This is the second year in which the Crawford County center received a grant in the program. Last year, it was awarded $75,573.58.
Also last year, the Eau Claire Communication Center received $276,451.12 in the first round, and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office received $99,437.61, according to the OEC.
All are part of $2.9 million Wisconsin received in 2019 to advance NextGen9-1-1 in the state.
The overall purpose is to enhance emergency number services to create a faster, more resilient system that allows voice, photos, videos and text messages to flow easily from the public to the 9-1-1 network.
More information is available on the national 9-1-1 government website.