Cowgirl Up Drill Team will perform at Midwest Horse Fair

A local horse riding team is entering their 8th season in La Crosse County with some exciting news.

The Cowgirl Up drill team consists of volunteers ages 13 and up who perform at local county fairs, state fairs, rodeos, and competitions.

This year, the group has been invited to perform at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison this Thursday through Sunday, where more than 65,000 people will attend.

Riders say this is a huge accomplishment for the team.

“Going to Midwest Horse Fair is probably one of the biggest honors as an equestrian because we’re around everyone who’s like-minded like us and we all share the same love for the sport so it’s really unique to be able to get to ride around everybody who loves to do the same thing that we do and showcase all of our ability,” said Cowgirl Up rider Paige Storlie.

The team is currently looking for more riders for the upcoming season. For more information, visit their website at