Cow thinks he’s a dog

Drop calf rescued from dairy farm

Like most family pets, Goliath sleeps on the couch, opens the door to the house and enjoys scratches behind his ears. But Goliath isn’t like most pets – he’s a cow.


According to CBS News, 17-year-old Shaylee Hubbs rescued Goliath from a dairy farm when he was one day old. Weak and fragile, the sick cow was struggling to eat without help. Two days later, with medication and health care from veterinarian Ann Marie Buonanno, the cow eventually started to gain strength.

Now almost eight weeks old, Goliath is part of a big family on the Hubbs’ family ranch in Danville, California. According to ABC News, there are horses, sheep, goats, alpacas and chickens to keep him company – but his best friend is Leonidas the Great Dane.

Hubbs told CBS News Leo took the cow under his wing, licking and nudging him to stand up.

“He would lay down with the sick little cow for hours just to keep him company,” Hubbs described to CBS News. “As the cow became more active he began to try to ‘nurse’ my male Great Dane.”

At night, Goliath sleeps in a playhouse in the backyard. Hubbs told CBS News when he wakes in the morning he stands at the back door to wait for the Great Dane. The duo are so bonded Leo has even shown Goliath his favorite nap spot.

“He’s best friends with Leo, and so he used to watch Leo push down the door handle and come and sit on the couch,” Hubbs told ABC News. “And of course, he now knows how to come in, too. He just pushes down on the knob with his head and lets himself in and onto our couch.”

Hubbs told ABC News that, like Leo, Goliath is a beloved pet and family member here to stay.