COVID-19 screening website built in days providing relief for Wisconsin 211 call centers

Riverside Corporate Wellness leading effort to answer people's questions regarding COVID-19
Weber Remote Health Care
Riverside Corporate Wellness launched a COVID-19 screening process and call center Wednesday to help answer questions.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Wisconsin 211 call centers are stressed with the number of callers seeking answers about COVID-19. A local business is trying to relieve this problem by launching an online screening process and call center.

“We all know that there’s so much anxiety out there,” said Don Weber of The Weber Group. “It seems to be building day after day.”

It’s uncomfortable when we are not in control and are seeking answers in the dark.

“It’s a scary time,” said Patricia Wszolek, chief operating officer of Riverside Corporate Wellness. “It’s a scary time for all of us.”

Those fears are filling up telephone lines at Wisconsin 211 call centers. Wszolek said education is a prime ingredient to alleviate worry.

“A large portion of the population will be able to get through COVID-19 on their own,” she said.

RWC, part of Don Weber’s The Weber Group, has worked with developers on a website that takes care of the screening process for COVID-19.

“We developed in ten days a website that is kind of a self-examining tool,” Weber said.

He said the State of Wisconsin asked for his organization’s help to take the pressure of Wisconsin 211.

“The state announced that it went live [Wednesday],” Weber said.

Wszolek said this website allows people to enter their symptoms and calculates the severity of those symptoms.

Then a nurse calls the person directly to address a problem.

“It allows us to help the most severe and it’s also relieving 211 from sometimes a three, four, five-hour wait,” Wszolek said.

The site can answer people’s questions so they don’t drive to a hospital if the trip is unnecessary.

“Our whole idea behind this is to relieve our hospitals, our urgent cares, and trying to calm the fears of people,” Wszolek said.

The state of Wisconsin is also taking this data to learn from this.

“It’s a very important piece of what we are doing,” Wszolek said.

The leaders behind this say taking the anxiety out of the equation will help people get through this difficult time.

“I think people around the country are all really trying to come together and do the right thing for the greater good,” Weber said.

Wisconsin residents can visit this website, for questions about COVID-19. Wisconsin 211 will help people with the screening process for those who don’t have internet. They will then contact a nurse at Wisconsin Health Connect.

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