COVID-19 safety reminders as people prepare for Thanksgiving

CDC strongly pushing against traveling for the holiday

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Thanksgiving is just a week away as many families plan to come together.

But this year, doctors say coming together has some extra challenges.

The CDC is strongly pushing against traveling for the holiday.

College students that are returning to their home towns could unknowingly have COVID-19.

An infection preventionist with Gundersen Health System says there is a lot we can do to avoid spreading the virus.

“We all have different risk factors. And so the best advice we in health care have for the holidays is to, is for people to stay home. Keep the gatherings small and opt for those virtual, ways to be together virtually,” said Gundersen Health System infection preventionist Megan Meller.

Meller advises anyone visiting someone out of the usual group of in-person contact to wear a mask to ensure the virus is not being spread.