Couple accused of keeping children in makeshift cages back in court

The Monroe County couple charged with multiple counts of child neglect was back in court Monday.

Amy and Travis Headrick now both have attorneys representing them.

One of their attorneys was in court with them while the other was on the phone.

As News 8 has been reporting, there has been a pattern of allegations against the Headricks which show 20 reports of child neglect, recklessly endangering safety and false imprisonment cases dating as far back as 2009.

Amy and Travis Headrick were never charged in any of those cases.

Multiple incident reports that news 8 obtained do confirm Amy’s mother reporting Amy and Travis Headrick to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department ten years ago.

News 8’s Sarah Thamer sat down with Amy Headrick’s mother Monday who is not in support of her daughter.

She says she’s reported Amy and Travis to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department multiple times over the years.

A Monroe County detective says in one of the reports, there was nothing to substantiate any of the allegations made against the Headricks.

As background info, Amy’s mother says she does not have a close relationship with
Amy or Amy’s sister Rebekah, the woman who reported the Headricks in August.