County road crews prepare for snow

Plow drivers are asking for other drivers to prepare too

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)– La Crosse County road crews are ready for the snow.

County highway crews spent most of Monday doing the prep work. They sprayed salt brine on state and county highways. The Brine will help the snow on the pavement melt faster.

Crews will hit the roads again when the snow starts to fall early Tuesday morning.  27 county plows will work to clear more than 280 miles of roads.

Road temperatures are still above freezing. Plow drivers are not expecting a lot of ice. Their biggest concern;  other drivers not paying attention or driving too fast. “People drive slower when it’s raining than they do when it’s snowing, which to be is completely wrong, but that’s the way it goes.”, explains highway patrols superintendent Leif Nelson.

If you come upon a plow, stay back and let them do their work.