County committee votes to move forward with Lot C Development

Unanimous vote recommends Weber Holdings plan

La Crosse County votes to move forward with development of Lot C downtown, and the plans include working with a prominent local businessman.

The county’s Executive Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to move forward with negotiations with Weber Holdings, a company owned by Don Weber.

Earlier this Summer a special committee chose Weber’s plan over two other developers. But the plan couldn’t be put to a vote of the full county board until it passed a standing committee.

The plan calls for 120,000 square feet of office space, as well as housing, retail and parking.

The board President says they are more than comfortable moving forward with Weber’s team. “Weber Holdings is a known entity in this community, that their success in the riverside developments for the LHI offices has impressed people, the community has embraced that,” said Board President Tara Johnson.

“This is a major, major project, it’s going to change the whole landscape of downtown La Crosse and we’re excited about it and what it means in the future,” said Weber.

Weber and his entire team will make a presentation to the full County Board on Monday.

If they vote in favor of the plan, the county will have 90-days to negotiate with Weber Holdings.

Weber says if his team is chosen for the development, they could have the project completed by 2017.