County board approves purchase agreement on Lot C Monday

Developers want to break ground on Lot C in spring

La Crosse County is looking to complete a deal to develop a county parking lot.

The La Crosse County Board approved a resolution Monday to accept a purchase agreement with Weber Holdings to buy  county Lot C in La Crosse’s downtown for $1,000,000.

Weber Holdings is looking to purchase and develop the lot into housing, office buildings and retail space.

It’s part of the county’s plan to purchase Associated Bank to use as their new administrative center. The old administrative center will then be redeveloped in to student housing for Western Technical College.

In return Associated Bank would then move in to the development on Lot C.

“It’s taking what is currently a surface parking lot owned by the county, that is generating zero tax dollars and making way for between 30-40 million dollars of development in downtown La Crosse that will generate tax revenue, and that will bring jobs to La Crosse,” said Tara Johnson, chair of the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors.

Developers hope to break ground on Lot C sometime in the spring.