Council member Dempsey Miller stepping down from position

The city of La Crosse is losing one of its council members.

Council member Dempsey Miller of District 2 is stepping down from his position.

He sent his letter of resignation to the city clerk last night.

Miller, a licensed principal in Wisconsin and Minnesota, is pursuing a new job as an education consultant in the Twin Cities.

In his letter he called out the city for the lack of workplace diversity and the role council members have in their districts saying in part.

“Why does the city of La Crosse have a problem retaining professionals of color? Workplace diversity is still a major concern within the city of La Crosse. One of my goals for the city of La Crosse was to conduct a comprehensive case study to examine the disparities in pay for people of color and women at the local level.”

He went on to say, “To those members with constituents that have hate language and symbols of hate posted at their homes develop enough courage to tell those folks that’s not the way we do business in La Crosse and we don’t support hate in our city.” 

Mayor Kabat says, “I think Dempsey is pointing out issues that we’re facing, that we have to face as a community. I applaud him for raising those issues. I think it is a conversations, you know multiple conversations that we have to have.”

Miller’s resignation will be effective January 1st.